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automobile parts

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1. How to Inquiry?
Just send us an enquiry to our Emails or leave your messages, we will try best to reply with you within 1 hour.
2. What information should I give to you for inquiry?
Please send us your drawings such as PDF , IGS, Step files or samples ,and tell us your detailed requirements such as material ,tolerance, surface treatments and the quantity you need, etc.
3. How I know I can buy the good quality from you?
We will make 100% full inspection and provide the inspection reports.
4. Can I get a sample in advance to check the quality?
Samples are available .We can make samples for you around 7 days, once samples are confirmed, mass production will be arranged immediately after your authorization.
5. How can I know my order are going without visiting your company?
We will make the schedule for each order and send you photos of the machining progress.
6. How long is your delivery time?
Normally it is according to quantity and difficulty of the projects, we will show it in our quotation.
7. What is a Milling Machine?
A milling machine is used to cut and shape solid materials. A milling machine can be vertical or horizontal, based on the orientation of the spindle. Both the workpiece and milling cutter move, controlled manually, mechanically or through a digital computer numerical control (CNC Milling Machine).
Milling machines generally use cutting fluid to wash away excess material and cool and lubricate the metal. The waste material removed is called chips. The workpiece and cutting piece can be controlled down to .001 inches. Both simple and complex cuts are made with milling machines from keyway cutting to diesinking.
8.What is a CNC Milling Machine?
A CNC Milling Machine is controlled by a computer. It is generally used with a vertical or horizontal milling machine and can move the spindle along the Z-axis. The first CNC machines, then called numerically controlled (NC) machines, were built in the 1940s and 1950s and followed points on punched tape to direct the motors to move. A CNC machine today works with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs and is highly automated.automobile parts
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