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Reducer for belt conveyor

The JS and MQ series reducers for mine belt conveyor are developed for hard flank cranes applied worldwide with high load capacity, high efficiency and good cost-performance ratio。The products in this series include helical gearboxes and gearboxes of bevel gear-helical gears. Designed by modules, the gearboxes are with less components to realize the short lead time.
Technical Data
Model: JS,MQ
Specification: JS series: 018~3300, MQ series: 02~140
Nominal power: up to 4,500 kW
Transmission ratio i = 12.5~100
Higher load capacity and lower noise
High driving efficiency
Modular design
Root fillets are shot to increasing bending strength
Special sealing design with better anti-leak performance
Excellent cost performance ratio
Driving of mine belt conveyorbuy Reducer
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